Our new Website

Welcome! We built a new website to share information, news and updates about our work. We hope you find it useful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch.

After our initial burst of energy running the first TechMids conference at the end of TechWeek we have taken a little break to step back and think about how best to serve our community.

We are starting by trying to bring together the various groups and individuals who are working on similar things in the region. This starts with keeping you up to date with the latest Meetups and Events we think you will find useful.

To do this we are building a calendar feed from our member Meetups and groups and are going to publish this as soon as possible (We all have jobs, hobbies and families to look after too, so please be patient).

We are also looking to start a newsletter, a roundup of things coming up every month, to keep you informed of all the amazing things to discover from our community.

Check back soon to see what we have been up to.